• The Sunday Times, April 16, 2017


    …here, just inside the Arctic Circle, there are almost limitless peaks, and a small ship makes the perfect mobile base for exploring them. It opens up that most seductive of prospects: summit-to-sea skiing. The catch is that you have to get up under your own steam. The hurt in Hurtigruten? I joined its inaugural voyage to find out…

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  • Runner’s World, September 2017


    …‘Life is not something to be preserved or protected,’ says Catalan ultrarunner Kilian Jornet. ‘It is to be explored and lived to the full.’ From anyone else it might sound like a bumper-sticker platitude, but Jornet’s musings about mortality have been forged by deep personal tragedy…

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  • Duncan Craig Congo Slider image
    Lonely Planet Traveller, December 2014


    …the drive showcases the binary world of this part of the Congo Basin – a mosaic of savannah and forest strung together by uneven dirt tracks. The Land Cruiser jerks wildly, to driver Maxwell Muswere’s delight. ‘We joke that, here, the drunk drivers are the ones going in a straight line,’ he says, his dreadlocks flailing, his laugh drowning out the straining engine …

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  • Sunday Express, January 8, 2012

    The liberating Falklands

    …the mist-enshrouded peninsula of Volunteer Point is the site of the world’s most accessible colony of king penguins. They prove luminously beautiful, their shimmering blue-grey cloaks enlivened by splashes of crepuscular yellow. What I take to be bushes transpire to be infants, squeaking from deep within downy fur…

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  • The Guardian, October 13, 2009

    The world’s toughest race?

    …the course is 103 miles long with an aggregate climb of 30,839ft. Put another way, you’re running non-stop from London to Birmingham while ascending from the Dead Sea to the top of Everest. Throw in chronic sleep deprivation and a 40C temperature range and you have an event that, as one laconic fellow runner put it, is probably going to sting a bit…

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  • The Independent, October 23, 2013


    …it was the question on all of our minds, but I asked it: “How do you know when the ice isn’t safe to skate on?” Niklas, our imperturbable guide, rubbed his chin, looked thoughtful, then offered up the distilled wisdom of a lifetime spent playing around on frozen water. “When it breaks,” he said…

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  • Lonely Planet Traveller, December 2013


    …great storm clouds of vegetation mass around the pyramids, dangling vines like prying fingers. Little wonder that when the Mayans abruptly and mysteriously abandoned this site in 900AD, it was soon consumed, lying undiscovered for the best part of a millennium…

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